Cambridge Equestrian Center has a variety of stabling options to suit your horse's age and stage.  When placing horses at our facility, we take careful consideration of the horse's personality, physical and social needs.  The health and happiness of each horse is our top priority.   Monthly board includes up to 4 flakes of alfalfa or oat hay and grass hay is available for an additional charge. There is no charge for tackroom space and trailer parking for our boarders.

  • Partial Enclosure
  • Sq Ft: 16X24-32X38 
  • Automatic water
  • Close to cross-ties & tackrooms


  • Tri-sided Redwood & Aluminum Enclosure
  • 16X32 SQ FT
  • Automatic Water
  • Large Hay Feeder
  • Rubber Mat

Barn Paddock 

Starting at $305 

  • Box-type Enclosure
  • Outdoor: 16X24 SQ FT
  • Inside:
    • 12X12 SQ FT Fully Matted
    • Automatic Water
    • Blanket Hangers

Open-veiw Paddock 

Starting at $265 

Great for large or active horses!

  • Partial Enclosure
  • Full Pasture 
  • Large water trough

New Redwood Paddock 

Starting at $300


Starting at $285 

Pasture Paddock 

Starting at $365